About me


I am a ghostwriter, editor, and nonfiction writer currently living in Tallahassee, Florida, USA (recently moved from Prague, Czech Republic, where I was working as an ESL teacher). I set up this blog as a platform to share my current writing projects.

I studied at Indiana University, Bloomington, where I received a master’s degree in ethnomusicology. Before that, I received a bachelor’s in linguistics and folklore. If you would like to see some of my academic writing, please visit my Academia.edu profile:

Aside from writing, my interests include reading, traveling, learning about other cultures, languages, history, animals, health, social justice, art, and music. These are all topics that I am comfortable writing about, but I am good at research and can write about almost anything on assignment.

As for the name of this site: Laleh is a nickname of mine that means “tulip.” The “ghost” is there, obviously, because I am a ghostwriter. Fun fact: I can rearrange the letters of my surname to spell out “Ghoster.” I debated on the “wayfaring” part for some time, but I finally decided that my love of traveling is an important part of my identity as a writer. (Other candidates for the adjective slot were: “wandering,” “literary,” and “bookish.”)